November Link Up Month!



I love blogging! I’ve been doing it now since before I knew that was what I was doing. Anyone remember Geocities? I was there, HTML-ing my way through a “personal website” back in ’98 or ’99. (Gosh I wish I could go back and see one of my old blogs!)

I am so thankful that blogging is a thing and that I get to do it! In celebration of the fun of blogging, I’m going to make November all about the Link-Up.

What is a Link-Up? A link-up is a regular topic set up by a blogger. Others write on the same topic and add the link to their post at the bottom of the host’s article. Simple as that. If you read here, you will have noticed that I do a pretty regular link up with the 7 Quick Takes posts. I will be standing on the shoulders of giants this month, letting their ideas spur me on to write about some things that I might not write about otherwise. This is also about meeting community, and finding other bloggers who post their links as well.

I encourage you to click link ups at the bottom of each post and get to know not only me, but some other great bloggers as well.

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