What is Circling Jericho?

Welcome to Circling Jericho, where I hope to put into words my spiritual journey as it relates to mothering my children and being a wife and family member – living my vocation, in other words.

I chose the name Circling Jericho in reference to the Bible story. In meditating on it one day, I thought about the Israelite army, being told to do this seemingly useless, nonsensical thing – walk in circles around their adversary and trust that God had a plan for them. In following His instructions, they won a tremendous victory over the city. But in that week leading up to that, I have to imagine that many of those people had their doubts. This was tedious, mindless work. Nothing that would take an army, and certainly nothing that would win a victory. There had to be a few thoughts in the crowd that maybe Joshua had just gone crazy.

As mothers we have a similar task. We walk around Jericho every single day. Doing the same things over and over. Tedious, menial tasks that seem to take us in a circle, but are in reality bringing us closer to God. We have little victories as the days go by. I think God knows that we need them since we have to circle this city for much longer than a week. But our final victory is far ahead and so we keep washing dishes and doing laundry, changing diapers and kissing owies, cooking dinner and driving carpools, and trusting that all of this running in circles is really leading us (and our families) in a straight line closer to Holiness.

So keep walking around this giant walled city, it is what He has asked us to do. There will be a time when the walls fall down.

  • Update to What is Circling Jericho:

Slightly Switching Gears 6/26/13

So far this blog has been all about strictly Spiritual things, my bible study, prayer, etc. But I’m about to branch out a little bit and make this blog about my thoughts in general, Partially because “spirituality” and my relationship with God really does encompass and color everything in my life, but also because I have other things I want to write about. So this blog is about my journey – as a person.

In “Letters to Malcolm; Chiefly on Prayer“* C.S. Lewis says this about religion:

It carries the suggestion that this is one more department of life, an extra department added to the economic, the social, the intellectual, the recreational, and all the rest. But that whose claims are infinite can have no standing as a department. Either it is an illusion or else our whole life falls under it. We have no non-religious activities; only religious and irreligious.  (Emphasis mine.)

So, while some of my posts will be a little less preachy (Hallelujah!). All of this life is my spiritual journey, my religion – the very thing that brings me into communication with God; you can’t separate spirituality and “regular life” at all. So even if I am just complaining about cooking (and I will!) There is some element of God in my line of thinking, even if He is not specifically mentioned.

I’m still Circling Jericho. I’m wandering marching in circles, trying to do what He asks of me, even when it doesn’t really seem like I’m getting anywhere with it all.