Day 5 – C25K version 3.0

My legs were feeling much better by this morning, so I put on workout clothes, thinking that after I took the kids to school I would do the BBWW again – glutton for punishment that I am. But the kids were doing so great getting ready for school, and the day was only going to get hotter, so I went for a quick run.  Since I haven’t gone in a while I did C25K week 2, and that was enough to get me moving but still be relatively easy.  I didn’t have time to finish the whole workout, but I did 24 minutes that I wouldn’t have done if I didn’t just head out the door.

My diet today was difficult. This was a day that I could eat a horse… hopefully the last day of PMS. So again, I indulged – with limits. My drug of choice today was popcorn, with extra butter and salt. I still technically came in under calories, but there was a TON of sodium in my day and I ate all the calories I exercised off. Still, that is better than not exercising and going over.

Today and the last few days have been so hard. It is like slogging through mud. There is no novelty about changing my food intake any more. I’ve done this too many times. And the results won’t show for a while, so I am constantly fighting the temptation to just give in and binge. So while I have talked a lot in these first few days of this 66 day challenge about indulging with this or that, I really am focusing on limiting those indulgences or slightly redirecting them to something a little less damaging. I have to believe that small changes will help. And that as I make small changes and those become normal, then I can make small changes from that point, and so on. I do not do well with cold turkey complete change. One baby step after another.

With the exercise too… I feel like kind of a wimp when 10 squats made me limp for four days, or when I see friends on facebook who run 6 miles on a light running day, and I ran 1.7. But I have to start somewhere. I can’t run 6 miles yet. So my choice is either to run 1.7 and work my way up, as slowly as need be, or to not do it at all. And I don’t want to not do it at all.

Because I have a secret to tell you.

I really want one of those 26.2 stickers for my car someday. I want it bad!

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