Day 2 – Not Quite Paleo

64 to go.

I think I’m going to have to work my way back into Paleo. Since I fail quit have setbacks so often I am really afraid of taking on too much too soon. So today I ate Paleo-ish. At least until I am fully paleo, I will need to track my calories.

One thing I realized the other day, when I am craving something, that feeling in the moment is so very strong. I always think that feeling is much stronger than the regret that I will feel later.

But you know what? It never is. The regret is always bigger.

That craving feeling is really good at making me forget what regret feels like, though, so I am trying to remember that feeling, and when I can’t to at least remember that it is a bigger feeling that wanting something sweet.

Today – I walked 2.6 miles at a moderate pace. I am so sore from my meager attempt at the BBWW yesterday.

I ate pretty much on plan, with some GF crackers with lunch and a little bit of brown rice at dinner – those took me away from the Paleo idea. I did eat completely GF today. Yay!

Then I went to Target. I always get myself a treat when I go to Target, and I’m afraid this night was no exception. Knowing my calorie intake worked against me this time, because I knew I was still really low. So yes. I ate candy. (Rolo!) And I regretted it after. (Good reminder!) And I forgave myself, because I also bought ice cream for the family, but I made sure it was a kind I don’t particularly like so I won’t be overwhelmed by it.

Even with a treat my total calories was 1630.

I did okay today. I am in the middle of PMS, so I could have done a whole lot worse.

Follow up on Imperfect (last Sunday’s post): I did call the doctor, and went in on Thursday. I have some testing ahead of me – blood draw and ultrasound to start with. I only walked that 2.6 miles this week, but another school started and getting into the schedule and all its conflicts kept me guessing all week. I’ll post my new weekly goals tomorrow.

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