Taking a Little Break



At bible study the other day – I was saying something and others were saying things. It was a good conversation, but it all fell to the background when a friend said the words, carefree timelessness.

She was referring to Matthew Kelly’s The Rhythm of Life, which we have gone through as a group. I had completely forgotten those words existed, forgotten that carefree timelessness was even a thing. And I knew I was missing it, my whole family is missing it badly. This was confirmation that the decision I had mostly made the night before was the right one.

Matthew Kelly has this to say about carefree timelessness:

Most of us know that the happiest people on the planet are those who are focused on their personal relationships.  Relationships thrive under one condition: carefree timelessness.  Do we gift our relationships with carefree timelessness?…We have to make carefree timelessness a priority.

I began November looking to post more, about lighter things – link ups, stuff going on, clothes, shoes, makeup, and photography, and have strangely found doors shutting in my face each time I turned around. God was trying to say something to me and I think what He was saying was:


We have a lot of crazy things in our life, lots of misfortune and blessing. We laugh at it all the time and I get the sense that you have laughed with me. I hope you have. But as the days ticked by I have been laughing less.

To_burn_a_candle_in_both_ends_by_espobTo burn a candle in both ends by espob on deviantART

I have been running at a deficit for so long, it’s hard to keep the pace. I’m burning the candle at both ends, and there just isn’t much candle left. Survival mode is not meant to be a permanent state of being.

So I am releasing my plan for lots and lots of blog posts this month. I am scaling back in search of that carefree timelessness for myself and for my family. While the holidays seem like a weird time to try this, I wasn’t really the one who chose the time. My plate is overfull and I am scraping off as much as I possibly can right now. My plan, as it stands right now is to go back to regular posting in January. I hope it is early January, but I’m giving myself a little leeway there.

I’m okay, I really am. I am taking this break to be more than okay.

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